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With our fleet of vehicles and collection containers we recycle your metal safely, securely and efficiently.
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Our Services

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Metal Recyclers

We buy and recycle all types of metals and can supply destruction certification if necessary.

Recycling truck
Site Cleanouts

We can quote on factory cleanups, removal of scrap, purchase of old machinery and stock lines etc.

Bin Hire, Delivery & Collection

Our scrap metal bins range from 1m x 1m to 6m x 2m dyno bins.

Weighing truck

Onsite weighing facilities are available and we can weigh up to 10 ton on in house scales. 

who we are

About Rescrap

We are a service based scrap metal buying company supplying bins and transport needs to many companies mostly in Melbourne but with affiliates throughout Australia.

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AMRIA Members

As proud members of the Australian Metal Recycling Industry Association, we maintain a high standard of commercial conduct and business ethics.

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Eco Friendly

Recycling scrap metal reduces greenhouse gas emissions and uses less energy than making metal from virgin ore.

we buy

We Can Recycle

We buy all metals, a sample of which appear below, we also buy surplus stocks, redundant machinery, electric motors, and bulk lots of all sorts of goods.

  • Wire, extrusion, litho, cuttings, domestic etc.

  • Brass pipe, sheet, turnings and solids.

  • All types of copper and aluminium cabling.

  • All grades of copper including plumbers pipe, cable.

  • Sheet lead, wheel weights, pipe, etc.

  • Brass copper rads, air conditioner, all types.

  • Tanks, pipe, solids, sheet, plate, turnings.

Stainless   Steel
  • All types and sizes.

  • All grades of copper including plumbers pipe, cable.

  • All types and sizes.


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